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Our Mission

Introducing FUEGO VAPE, a new premium vape brand setting the industry standard for quality and user experience. Tired of your vape tasting burnt? Dying before you’re even half way through? Leaking or just coming as a dud in general? Ditch that and get FUEGO!

Each Fuego vape is 6000 puffs, rechargeable, has a mesh coil, and uses anti-leak technology to ensure every single vape is fire, every time. Fuego comes ready to go out of the box, and with its large capacity battery, this vape is designed to last all day.

This isn’t a $5 bucket vape, this is Fuego.


We are not the average vape company, you call us, and we’ll pick up. Customer relationships are a top priority for us. We sourced the highest quality materials for our manufacturing and spent nearly a year testing devices before entering production. We truly believe in vaping, and the benefits when switching from smoking. We got tired of seeing just any old product pushed on the market, and decided to make a premium vape and set the tone. Thank you for choosing Fuego, we look forward to seeing our products on your shelves!


Please note that this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Vaping is harmful and addictive, it also has a potential health risk to the user, and in some places it is illegal to sell, buy or use it. It is also illegal to sell to minors. This product is only intended for individuals 21+. Make sure to follow your local laws and regulations before buying, selling, or using e-cigarettes.

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